Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Art Stroll

Seaside Cups by Gwyneth Leech
Watercolor on upcycled coffee cups

Summer dog days are upon us. It seems like everyone is headed out of town, following art fairs to the Hamptons or just seeking sea breezes. But for those of us still in the city, there is plenty of art activity to enjoy. If you don't fancy Jeff Koons at the Whitney, or the vast air-conditioned vaults of the Met and MoMA, lots of shows are still open in Chelsea and the Lower East Side. In fact, this Thursday, July 24th is the 5th annual Chelsea Art Walk from, 5-8PM.

Dozens of galleries are taking part, too numerous to mention them all, but be sure to see Redefined Existence at J. Cacciola Gallery at 537 West 23rd Street. It features a good selection of new work by China Marks. Her sewn drawings are a perennial favorite of mine. I do have to declare special interest, having made videos of ten of her sewn books, but I never tire of losing myself in her intricate, processs-driven pieces. She is showing alongside Rick Newton and Sally Curcio and the show continues through Friday, July 25th.

"A Foreign Affair",  Sewn drawing by China Marks 
at J. Cacciola Gallery 537 West 23rd Street, Chelsea

At Michael Rosenfeld Gallery over on 11th Avenue and 19th Street, Edge of Always is an amazing solo exhibit of constructions by Nancy Grossman from the 1960s, made with recycled leather from a prodigious variety of sources. And her ink drawings are terrific. This show is up for just a few more days, through Friday July 25th.

For a full list of  galleries participating in Art Walk click here, but finish up with a stroll on the Highline, which is open into the evening and illuminated, or check out Under Line, a literally cool new coffee bar on 20th Street between 10th and 11th.

  Kate Gilmore photo at Holman Gallery
65 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side
On the Lower East Side, there are good shows running into August.
Nicholas Cohn has curated Gatekeepers at Holman Gallery, 65 Ludlow Street, featuring arresting large scale photos by Kate Gilmore, delicate cast cityscapes by Liene BosquĂȘ and striking geometerical paintings by Sinta Tantra; visual pleasure unerpinned by social engagement. Open through August 2nd.
Color as Structure runs through August 2nd at McKenzie Fine Art, 55 Orchard Street - a very strong show featuring numerous wonderful artists bridging painting and sculpture.
And check out the interesting group show of gallery artists at Marc Straus at 299 Grand Street. Just don't trip over Jong Oh's nearly invisible but elegant spatial drawing. The show is up through August 22nd.

To wrap up, head to the Doughnut Plant at 399 Grand Street. They have a most unusual variety of flavors, freshly baked on site. Please make mine a Coconut Lime Yeast with an iced Americano to go. Who says we need to leave town in the summer to stay cool!

Glazed seat at the Doughnut Plant
399 Grand Street, Lower East Side