Monday, June 6, 2011

Lunch Break at Lazzara's

 Cup of the Day #82: Man with coffee cup
 India ink on white paper cup by Gwyneth Leech

I just came across these notes from a day in my life during the window exhibition in March. It was a blur!

PTA meeting
IEP meeting
Run to window exhibition - drawing
Home to process photos
Pick up groceries on the way
Wrangle Teen to homework and piano lesson
Rush to collect younger daughter from school
An hour playing freeze tag in the playground
Home to make dinner
Homework, bath time, bed for kids
Conversation with David
Internet and e-mail
Bed for mom

Magic hour: 1-2 PM lunch at Lazzara's on 38th Street.
Up a tall stoop stair from the street to the parlor floor.
Pressed tin ceiling, garment district workers on their lunch hour.
Paper table cloths over linen.
The wait staff run with big salads and thin crust pizzas up and down the crowded room.
Speakeasy hideaway - yes.
Espresso in a china cup -Yes!
Midtown is changing. Pleased to find Lazzara's still there.

 View of 38th Street from 10th Avenue, looking East