Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Studio in the Prow Opens in the Flatiron Building

It was a grueling couple of days, but my cup art installation has taken flight at the Flatiron! 

Cup of the Day #88
Flying Cups at the Flatiron

We got in Monday morning and lost no time sorting, untangling, stringing and hanging. I was deeply grateful for everyone who helped hang, and for friends who stopped in with coffees and stayed for hours. The cups expanded and took their suspended places. Who knew I had so many? The hundred cups I did over the summer make a bright and breezy contrast to the ones I drew last Spring on the rainy side streets of the Garment District.

About noon on Monday the black drapes came down and the public began to gather on the sidewalks outside. The space is filled with beautiful light and the city spreads out beyond the glass. A veritable river of humanity flows by and around the Prow. As I set out my art materials and prepared to use the space as a studio I was filled with joy and anticipation. What an extraordinary place to be drawing daily for the next three months!!
  Stringing cups all day Monday

 The view from the ladder Monday afternoon - the installation taking shape

 The curtains are down and the space is filled with light.

 The finished installation as seen from the front

 View from the East side of the Prow.

 Just goes to show that if you build it, they will come and take photos.

  Getting down to work in a new window studio. 
I will add to the exhibition as the drawings are finished. 

See you through the plate glass Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 2PM, from now until December 31, where Broadway and Fifth Avenue meet at 23rd Street!


  1. Amazing! I can't wait to see it in person. Congratulations.

  2. How fun! Just a glorious installation, and to top it off, there you are working away making even more beautiful art on your cups! Congratulations Gwyneth on a fabulous installation....wish I could see you there in person, but I will look forward to more photos as things progress....

  3. I love a great window installation! bravo Gwyneth. Your window process unfolding...very nice! & what a window to construct in- one of the best!

  4. I was just over-awed by the simplicity, complexity, beauty and colour of this art installation at the Flatiron Building whilst on holiday in NYC in late October from my school in Cardiff, Wales.

    So much so, that I am asking our pupils to collect used 450ml yoghurt pots, to create a similar exhibition in our school. Thank you so much – ‘Diolch’, in Welsh, Gwyneth (a good Welsh name) for the inspiration.

    How can I post a link to my Facebook page, please ?

    Tony Lloyd,
    Primary school Art & Design teacher
    Cardiff, Wales