Thursday, September 18, 2014

1001 Coffee Cup Stories

Cups  #998, #999, #1000 and #1001!
India ink on upcycled paper coffee cups
by Gwyneth Leech, September 2014

I am delighted to be taking part in ArtPrize, a city-wide visual arts festival and 
competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan that runs from September 24-October 12.
I will be in Grand Rapids for a week, installing 1001 coffee cup artworks,
my largest cup art installation so far!

Then I will be drawing in the window of my venue for five days, September 24-28.
It turns out that prepping 1001 cups, not to mention just counting them all, is a big job! 
But it is done, the artwork is boxed up and I am hitting the road tomorrow morning 
for a long drive West.

If you will be in Grand Rapids for ArtPrize, or know people who will, 
stop by to visit me while I am drawing on site. Bring me a paper coffee cup, 
have a conversation and maybe I will invite you to draw a cup of your own to take home!

You can visit my window installation any time between 9/24 and 10/12,
and if you like what you see, of course I would love your vote.

The venue:
Harris Building, 111 South Division Avenue in Downtown, Grand Rapids.

My drawing sessions:
12 - 2 PM, 9/24, 9/25. 9/26, 9/27 and 9/28,
plus 5-7 PM, Thursday, 9/25 and Saturday, 9/27.

The dates my installation will remain on view: September 24 - October 12.

Vote Code: 56642

Here's the link to my ArtPrize page with more information:
And for more about ArtPrize and the other 1500 artists taking part:

Thank you in advance for your support
and I look forward to reporting back from ArtPrize when I am there.

Prepping 1001 Cups in the studio in NYC
proved to be a monumental task!

 Yes! They fit into just four boxes.
Telescoping is the way to go.
I will be driving the artwork out to Michigan myself.

Goodbye to my studio view. 
I will be back in NYC at the end of September!

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