Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Artist is in the Window: Drawing Days 1 and 2

Cup of the Day #73
By Gwyneth Leech
White and colored ink on upcycled 
White paper coffee cup

I am thinking of the Coney Island dunk tank, or a fish in an aquarium at the pet store, not to mention an animal in the window of that pet store. Yes, people knock on the glass, then they give me a thumbs up.

 Drawing in the window Day #1

I haven't felt the need to pace, unlike the snow leopard at Central Park Zoo, but then this is only the first few days. Besides, the space is so full of suspended cups that no large gestures are possible. So I sit, and draw. The cups turn gently in the draft and all is peace.
 Drawing in the window Day #1
Outside, people stop and look at the cups, then startle when they see me. Generally, they laugh and smile. Some take photos with their cellphones and walk away quickly. Through the glass, I can hear what they are saying. A young man wheeling a trash can works at the Fashion Center and gets what I am up to. He explains it to his co-workers.

  View from the window Day #2

A mother and daughter stop.
"Coffee cups." Mom says. "An artist drew on every single cup."
"And look," says the daughter, "there's a real live artist in the window right now!"
I smile and give a little wave, then draw a rabbit on the cup and show it to the child. She smiles too and they walk on.

   Drawing in the window Day #2

"Hm, that rabbit has possibilities," I think, examining the cup. By one O'clock rabbits are bouncing all around the surface and it is done. I put the cup on an upturned stack of empties, grab the chai my artist friend Elisa Jimenez brought by and head for the exit. I am getting into the groove of the window studio.

View from the window Day #2

Hypergraphia: Gwyneth Leech, the Cup Drawings is on view in the Fashion Center Window Space for Public Art at 215 West 38th Street, at 7th Avenue, in New York City February 28 - April 1st.
For full details click here.


  1. You've been having excellent weather for viewings. We're going to get there later this week to gawk at you and your remarkable work.

  2. I lift my cup to you Gwyneth! France Garrido from NYAC

  3. Claire, Looking forward to sharing a cup with you through the glass!

  4. Gwyneth - next Wednesday the 9th, a group (5 or 6) of us will be gawking at you around 11:30 and then will be heading to the Morgan Library. How cool that you are getting such a nice response. When I click on the first picture I see a cup with the figure of a man (?) on it - where is that one from?

  5. Wonderful! Look forward to seeing you all.

    The man is Paul Andre Fotrier, Canadian dancer. I drew him performing outdoors in NYC last summer.

    Here is the link to the blog about it:
    Staying Inside the Lines