Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breakfast on the A Train

I was on my way downtown, bleary-eyed, to attend a monthly meeting of artists at breakfast time. I stopped on the way at Amy's Bread on 9th and picked up an oat scone studded with golden raisins and walnuts (amazing, always) and a Twinings English Breakfast tea in a white paper cup.

Cup of the Day #46
Networks, by Gwyneth Leech
Colored ink on white cup, 2010

At 8th Avenue and 42nd Street, I boarded the A train and got a seat.

Eating breakfast on the subway train always feels a little weird, but I was hungry and my scone was calling out to me. Surreptitiously, I opened my paper bag without crinkling and then maneuvered the tab on the cup lid without spilling or elbowing my neighbor. Having accomplished these difficult tasks, I looked around and took a quick survey:

3 starbucks drinkers,
2 deli coffee drinkers,
1 Amy's cup (me),
6 wearers of Ipods  with identical white cords and earpieces,
3 newspaper readers,
1 book reader,
1 young person desperately trying to finish writing an essay,
And 4 people asleep.

The woman opposite me with the heavy makeup and tired eyes had a laptop case at her feet. She was juggling an Ipod, the New York Times AND a Starbucks Vente coffee. 
Clearly for some people, sleeping on the way to work is not an option!

Waiting for the subway 
with his morning brew, NYC
photo by Stanley Klevickas

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  1. Fantastic post! Reminded me of something I read a while ago about a survey of what people were reading on the train. If I'm not mistaken, it was lots of Twilight. But this is better, and funnier too. More please.