Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Quick Cuppa

 Cup of the day #16
Red Venti, Verso
By Gwyneth Leech. 2009
White-out pen and India ink on red cup

Overheard in the elevator at my studio building, two women talking:

"See, this is perfect timing. We'll take a cab home and we'll grab a Starbucks."
"You'll grab a Starbucks."
"I'll grab a Starbucks?"
"I don't like Starbucks."
"You don't like Starbucks?? Then what do you like?"

Sadly they exited the elevator and the doors closed before I could find out!

 Guest Cup of the Day
Styro Skirt by Mark Philip Venema
Photography, digital pigment print on cotton paper, 12" x 10"
2005, Westmount and Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


  1. Thanks for posting my inside-out cup... perhaps you could make the link from the image itself to go directly to the source. Thanks again for listening to my presentation on "Social Media and the Arts" at the Winkeleman Gallery #class talk!

  2. My pleasure, Mark. I have been trying to figure out that linking to the image thing in Blogger. Can't seem to make it work, but will attempt again.